Roof Top Music

Last week I got together with several of my buddies to have a jam session.  My friend lives in a high rise building in Detroit and the landlord actually encourages the tenants to use the flat roof of the building to play music.  The acoustics are obviously not so great since it is outside but I really think that is besides the point.   They actually have a drum set and a few speakers set up to play through.  It was a pretty cool little set up that they had going on.  We rocked out for several hours.  We played everything from classic rock to country and even some punk rock.

The guy on the drums absolutely blew me away.  He was crazy with that double bass pedal and was as perfectly in time as you can be.  I was really surprised that this guy was not a professional, well at least not in the traditional sense.  I guess what I am saying is that I am surprised that he had never been sought out by a band or producer to work on some big stars album because this guy was that good.  I rocked out with my ukulele and harmonica although I was mostly drown out by the other instruments.  We had fun doing it though and I am not complaining.

Everyone was drinking and towards the end of the night we did have an accident.  This dude from the thumb of Michigan was absolutely smashed and he decided it would be a great idea to climb up on a huge ventilation system that was protruding from the roof and jumped right onto a soft portion of the roof and he literally broke right through it.  We ended up having to call some emergency roofing repair company to come out and seal up the leak.  Luckily the landlord was pretty cool about it since it was probably his fault since he had not kept up with maintenance.  So the guy ended up being alright and came out relatively unscathed other than a couple scratches but he got taken to the hospital just to be safe.  Believe it or not we ended up jamming out for another couple hours even after all of that.

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