Music blogs have changed

Back when I first started to hear about popular music blogs I honestly did not even know what a “blog” was.  The only reason I started one was because one of my favorite music artists mentioned some blog that he loved.  I had know idea how to start a blog or what was involved with it but decided to go for it anyways.  My marketing plan consisted of googling and reading blogs about music and that was about it. lol

I honestly don’t know how many people were reading my blog back then and I am not really sure how many people are reading this one.  This time around though I plan on doing more research on how to get more readers and interaction. Back when I started my first blog it was well before the explosion of social media so that will be one of the directions I plan on taking to find readers.  Forums were the best place to find readers and if I had to guess I would say that most people that read my blog were from that avenue. Back then the forum community was great and supportive, it seemed like everyone was a big family, we all helped each other and showed support any time someone was down or having any type of issue with there blogs.

Before social media, the only media that was able to keep up with the music scene in real time was music blogs.  Since the people running these blogs were only focusing on a few different things they had a leg up on things like the radio and television.  For the first time ever, people that were passionate about specific genre or band finally had a way to stay up to date and interact with other like minded fans.

A lot has changed since the early blog years.  One of the largest changes is the way that online piracy has been combated.  The RIAAA set their sites on music blogs and websites that were sharing mp3’s.  This hurt a huge portion of the blogging community.  Obviously I feel it is understandable that these companies would try to protect their intellectual property but it was a bummer none the less.  Gone were the days of being the first blog to have a leak copy of Kanye’s new album.  Having a leaked copy would almost guarantee you quite a few readers since you would be one of the first few people that would write about the album so Google would serve you up as a result relatively easily.  That is not the case anymore and things have gotten much more stiff when it comes to competition.  I know that I have a lot to learn with how much has changed but I know as time goes by I will find my own niche and will have a nice number of readers to interact with.


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