Does being part of club help or hinder you?

Back in the day I was a member a of the local bowling club and I was also a part of a weight loss club as well.  Both of these clubs were of great value in my life and helped me to grow immensely in both the area of fitness and bowling.  A bi-product of joining these clubs was the social aspect.  These clubs became a huge portion of where I made my closest friends.  Having something that everyone is a part of allows you to form deep bonds and relationships.  Several of these relationships have lasted my entire life.  Joining different clubs can help you to form opinions and learn who you are as a person and how you view the world.

When I got older and moved to a new state I did not have a single friend other than my wife.  I actually decided to join several clubs in the area as a way to start networking and making new friends.  The first club I joined was a health and fitness club that focused on cycling and I also joined another bowling club.

I have joined clubs in every state that I have lived in and truly believe it is the easiest way to find like minded individuals that you can click with and become great friends.  Joining a new club can be intimidating at first, walking into an unfamiliar place for the first time with several people that you do not know can be quite daunting but that uncomfortable feeling is well worth the return.  There are endless number of clubs that you can join and go much further than just sports type of organizations.  There are book clubs, music clubs, dancing clubs, food clubs and so many more.

A couple places to search for local clubs are Craigslist, VFW halls, local restaurants.  There are many benefits to participating, one of my favorite things is that there is usually good food at the meetings.  There are lots of clubs that have special celebrations for different holidays such as Halloween.  Joining a local club can actually be an economical option for your free time and the value you get for the small price is through the roof.

Another type of club is a networking club.  These networking get togethers can be great for a local business owner.  The first experience I had with one of these clubs I actually ended up meeting a local Michigan carpet cleaner that introduced me to many other company owners.  Without that experience I would not be where I am today because he put me in contact with what would eventually be my business partner. They allow like minded business owners to meet together and swap information and referrals.  This can be a great option to grow your business and make friends at the same time.

If you seem close to residence, the business you benefit typically offer a wide range of group tasks. Create that your company to determine just what is actually readily available right within your reaches. Unique rates are regularly made available to staff members.

Joining a club is pretty simple but listed below are the steps that you should take.

  • Choose what type of club you would like to join
  • Search for similar clubs in your area utilizing some of the options from above.
  • Call around or visit the website for the clubs you are interested in
  • Choose a date to join
  • Enjoy your newly enrolled self as a member of your new club!!!

As you can see if you made it this far, I truly believe that being a part of a club most definitely helps you rather than hindering you.

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