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Fall Out Boy


FOB (which I will use in place of Fall Out Boy) was originally a pretty small name band that had a cult like following back in the early 2000’s.  Over the last five to ten years they have become closer to a household name.  This article will talk about their rise in popularity and whether or not I still enjoy their music. 😉  I was a fan before they became a top forty band and actually have friends that have opened for them back in the day.

Early days-  FOB was formed in an affluent suburb of Chicago, IL.  The name of the suburb is Wilmette.  They formed in 2001.  The bad was comprised of Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe.  Although Patrick is the lead singer, Pete is the one is does most of the writing.  All four of them were close friends that all had a passion for music in common.

They got started just like hundreds of other bands by getting together for jam sessions in their parents garages and basements.  Once they had a short set list that they could play through they started to branch out to local venues.  They actually put on several shows at a local Knights of Columbus.  They have since returned to that very location for one of their music videos in honor of their roots in the area.

It did not take long before they had a devoted following comprised of kids and teens in there surrounding areas and neighborhoods.  Probably due to this passionate following, a small record label noticed them and unlike most bands FOB put out their very first album on a record label.  Normally a small band goes through much more trial and tribulation with their first few albums.  FOB was able to skip all that self recording and go straight to a small label which can be a blessing and a curse.  The album was relatively liked and only had a few songs on it.

FOB put out their first full length album in 2003 and it was received very well.  This album is what landed them a bigger record contract and two years later put out “From under the Cork Tree” which went double platinum.  Their next album in 2007 went to the top of the charts even quicker than the last.  They have been the inspiration for many bands since then.  After 2007 my opinion is that the band started concentrating too much on what the mainstream wanted from them and stopped making music for themselves and their fans.  I will not even go into the other albums because I feel like they are not even from the same band.  They are still very popular but more with mainstream pop stations and their songs are even used regularly on morning talk shows as intro and outro music.  More power to them ya know?  They found a niche and went for it.  They have had a lot of success but while that was taking place I either lost interest or they strayed too far from the original reasons that I enjoyed their music.

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