Custom Garage Clubhouse

Me and the guys are working on a new project that I thought I would share.  A few months ago we lost our lease on our little space where we have been meeting for our club.  When we first found this out, we had no idea what we were gonna do because up until this point we were grandfathered into a great rental rate and finding something in our price range has become next to impossible.

Fast forward to a couple months later and a decision has been made.  I realized that the 3 car garage that we have could potentially be a great meeting space for me and the guys.  When I initially mentioned this idea I have to tell you that my wife was not happy but after much deliberation we have come to a compromise. Since the garage is so large we agreed that we could still leave enough space inside for the wife to fit her car inside.  If she can still park her car in the garage then she does not mind turning the rest into a meeting place.

For inspiration I am going back about fifteen years when I used to hang out with my dads best friend.   You see, my dads best friend, nickname “Hippie” loved his garage and over the years he slowly turned it into a man cave to be revered. He ended up finishing the walls with insulation, drywall, plaster and paint. He used epoxy on the floors.  He mounted a television and stereo on the wall.  He had a large space heater so he could even hang there with his buddies in the winter. For the summer time he had a large mosquito screen that rolled down over the opening of where the garage door would be when closed. The coolest addition to the man cave was a 2 foot by 2 foot little square enclosure in the back corner of the garage where he mounted a urinal so he wouldn’t have to go inside to take a leak!  Of course he also had a large refrigerator. That fridge was filled daily with Budfinished-garageweiser.  When I say filled, I mean filled.  This guy drank like a fish and would polish off a case on a daily basis.  He also kept his smokes on top of the fridge.  Unfiltered!  I know that I have gone a bit off topic but I guess it shows you how much I loved this guy.  Hippie was a guy that would always make sure you felt welcome, money didn’t matter to him.  Making sure you were happy was what made him happy.  Unfortunately, that same love that he showed to others was not directed to himself.  He quite literally drank himself to death and died of liver failure at the age of 55.

Now that I went way off topic I guess I will get back to the original point of this post.  We don’t really have a time frame for the project but I will be sure to update the blog as we make progress.

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