Custom Garage Clubhouse

Me and the guys are working on a new project that I thought I would share.  A few months ago we lost our lease on our little space where we have been meeting for our club.  When we first found this out, we had no idea what we were gonna do because up until this point we were grandfathered into a great rental rate and finding something in our price range has become next to impossible.

Fast forward to a couple months later and a decision has been made.  I realized that the 3 car garage that we have could potentially be a great meeting space for me and the guys.  When I initially mentioned this idea I have to tell you that my wife was not happy but after much deliberation we have come to a compromise. Since the garage is so large we agreed that we could still leave enough space inside for the wife to fit her car inside.  If she can still park her car in the garage then she does not mind turning the rest into a meeting place.

For inspiration I am going back about fifteen years when I used to hang out with my dads best friend.   You see, my dads best friend, nickname “Hippie” loved his garage and over the years he slowly turned it into a man cave to be revered. He ended up finishing the walls with insulation, drywall, plaster and paint. He used epoxy on the floors.  He mounted a television and stereo on the wall.  He had a large space heater so he could even hang there with his buddies in the winter. For the summer time he had a large mosquito screen that rolled down over the opening of where the garage door would be when closed. The coolest addition to the man cave was a 2 foot by 2 foot little square enclosure in the back corner of the garage where he mounted a urinal so he wouldn’t have to go inside to take a leak!  Of course he also had a large refrigerator. That fridge was filled daily with Budfinished-garageweiser.  When I say filled, I mean filled.  This guy drank like a fish and would polish off a case on a daily basis.  He also kept his smokes on top of the fridge.  Unfiltered!  I know that I have gone a bit off topic but I guess it shows you how much I loved this guy.  Hippie was a guy that would always make sure you felt welcome, money didn’t matter to him.  Making sure you were happy was what made him happy.  Unfortunately, that same love that he showed to others was not directed to himself.  He quite literally drank himself to death and died of liver failure at the age of 55.

Now that I went way off topic I guess I will get back to the original point of this post.  We don’t really have a time frame for the project but I will be sure to update the blog as we make progress.

Marketing by not Marketing

Marketing through not Advertising and marketing

Many times local public associations look for professionals from various businesses ahead and also provide a presentation regarding your place of skill. The Elks, Rotary and also Kiwanis are actually simply a couple of that are actually constantly on the try to find excellent presenters to address their groups. Therefore if you acquire a possibility to contact these teams, its simple to observe these as incredible business opportunities for advertising.

The concern is actually that these teams restrain you to simply resolve your industry from competence and do certainly not make it possible for advertising from any kind of kind when you come to contact their registration. This can be a rather frustrating scenario. Many times these guys’s teams are actually fraternities of the best effective business individuals in your location. And also because these groups comply with month-to-month they are actually always on the keep an eye out completely public speakers like you. If you are confident in your speaking capacity, you may effortlessly see on your own receiving profit invites to attend to these teams.

However perhaps through checking out these communicating opportunities in different ways, you could leave that frustration behind and also locate a way to market to these people through certainly not marketing. You may utilize the natural features of everyone talking forum to publicize your business in such a way that never possesses a marketing experience to this in any way. And also these strategies are actually not restricted and also your enrollers will definitely praise your presentation as you gently milk these communicating engagements for all the marketing worth you can acquire.

First off, you are actually allowed to offer your own self as well as speak about your specialized training and knowledge. Permit’s admit, while that is actually a part from your presentation to aid your audience know your location of competence, that is actually likewise absolutely nothing but a job. By discussing your training and talents in the context of background, you bind psychological from that viewers why you will be actually a gentle person to think of when they need your type of talent as aspect of what they perform.

However the introduction is actually not the only way you could industry through not marketing. Through talking to power and enthusiasm regarding your work, that enjoyment sends out a message about who you are actually to those possible consumers out there. The one point a client would like to observe is actually that are always on a mission to enhance your understanding from your industry. This is especially true if you are in a sector that looks at a lot of changes every year. Your clients desire a companion that could know those changes so they don’t need to. By illustrating that this is actually a big aspect of that you are as a subject specialist in your place, you are going to end up being a really attractive prospect as a company partner for those potential.

You will certainly wish to be sure your presentation is actually packed along with very valuable details to your clients. But don’t inform them a great deal that they can easily reside without you. A great strategy is to explain the trouble location in business that your specialization is good at taking care of. Using your time to particular the problem, you generate demand in your target market. The remedy segment of your speak merely describes the perfect answer in sufficient information therefore your future clients understand you recognize what you are actually carrying out however not nearly enough so they can tackle the issue on their own. Once more, this makes the wish in the participants from that fraternal organization to come to you when that very well explained demand arises in their companies.

Ensure to make use of the amount of time before as well as after your discussion for media. You could be invited to participate in the team for a meal and if you have actually currently possessed an odds to speak, this is actually an excellent your time to make some personal connections, answer concerns regarding your speak as well as create consultations to come and contact personal businessmen regarding exactly how you may be helpful to them. You are actually usually permitted to have your calling card along with you and also for participants of the club to take them after your speak. Therefore if you performed a really good project of marketing by not advertising, those business cards are going to take flight in to the hands of those fascinated audience participants and you will certainly see a good profit on your expenditure of time just making use of social speaking with harvest get in touches with that may develop into even more company for you.


Tips on Flying the American Flag

Tips on Traveling the American Flag

Commonly a sign of liberty, the American banner has lugged the message of independence to lots of component of the planet.

Here in the USA, the banner is shown daily in or even near authorities buildings as well as schools as well as in many social locations. It is normal to fly the banner on Memorial Time, Flag Day, Independence Time, Work Day as well as most various other UNITED STATES holidays. I even know of a plumbing company that participates in flying their flag at half staff.

Each from the flag’s different colors has a significance: Red signifies strength as well as valor; white colored is representational from artlessness as well as innocence; as well as blue denotes alertness, determination as well as justice. Just as the flag’s design and colors are actually profoundly representational, so is actually the way the flag is actually presented.

Here are actually some flag rules that were provided by

* When the banner is displayed over the center of the road, it ought to be actually suspended vertically with the union (celebrities) to the north in an east-and-west road or even to the east in a north-and-south street.

* When the banner is presented from a team predicting flat or at a perspective coming from the window sill, terrace or front of a structure, the union should be actually set at the top from the personnel unless the banner is at half-staff.

* When come at half-staff, the banner must was initially lifted to the peak for a split second and then decreased to the half-staff position. It ought to be actually again elevated to the optimal just before it is lowered for the day.

* When the flag is actually shown in a method apart from by being actually flown off a team, that must be shown flat. When presented either flat or vertically from a wall structure, the union must be actually uppermost and also to the flag’s right (to the viewer’s left). When featured in a window that need to be actually featured likewise, with the union to the left from the onlooker in the street.

* To fold the banner, initial crease this in half along the stripes two times. Fold a triangle, beginning at the candy striped edge, as well as regular until just completion from the union is revealed. Then, fold up down the square right into a triangular and also tuck inside the folds up.

* Never ever toss a banner in the rubbish. For information on the best ways to effectively throw away a put on flag, call your regional American Myriad hall, VFW chapter or even Child Recruiter troop.

Roof Top Music

Last week I got together with several of my buddies to have a jam session.  My friend lives in a high rise building in Detroit and the landlord actually encourages the tenants to use the flat roof of the building to play music.  The acoustics are obviously not so great since it is outside but I really think that is besides the point.   They actually have a drum set and a few speakers set up to play through.  It was a pretty cool little set up that they had going on.  We rocked out for several hours.  We played everything from classic rock to country and even some punk rock.

The guy on the drums absolutely blew me away.  He was crazy with that double bass pedal and was as perfectly in time as you can be.  I was really surprised that this guy was not a professional, well at least not in the traditional sense.  I guess what I am saying is that I am surprised that he had never been sought out by a band or producer to work on some big stars album because this guy was that good.  I rocked out with my ukulele and harmonica although I was mostly drown out by the other instruments.  We had fun doing it though and I am not complaining.

Everyone was drinking and towards the end of the night we did have an accident.  This dude from the thumb of Michigan was absolutely smashed and he decided it would be a great idea to climb up on a huge ventilation system that was protruding from the roof and jumped right onto a soft portion of the roof and he literally broke right through it.  We ended up having to call some emergency roofing repair company to come out and seal up the leak.  Luckily the landlord was pretty cool about it since it was probably his fault since he had not kept up with maintenance.  So the guy ended up being alright and came out relatively unscathed other than a couple scratches but he got taken to the hospital just to be safe.  Believe it or not we ended up jamming out for another couple hours even after all of that.

Music blogs have changed

Back when I first started to hear about popular music blogs I honestly did not even know what a “blog” was.  The only reason I started one was because one of my favorite music artists mentioned some blog that he loved.  I had know idea how to start a blog or what was involved with it but decided to go for it anyways.  My marketing plan consisted of googling and reading blogs about music and that was about it. lol

I honestly don’t know how many people were reading my blog back then and I am not really sure how many people are reading this one.  This time around though I plan on doing more research on how to get more readers and interaction. Back when I started my first blog it was well before the explosion of social media so that will be one of the directions I plan on taking to find readers.  Forums were the best place to find readers and if I had to guess I would say that most people that read my blog were from that avenue. Back then the forum community was great and supportive, it seemed like everyone was a big family, we all helped each other and showed support any time someone was down or having any type of issue with there blogs.

Before social media, the only media that was able to keep up with the music scene in real time was music blogs.  Since the people running these blogs were only focusing on a few different things they had a leg up on things like the radio and television.  For the first time ever, people that were passionate about specific genre or band finally had a way to stay up to date and interact with other like minded fans.

A lot has changed since the early blog years.  One of the largest changes is the way that online piracy has been combated.  The RIAAA set their sites on music blogs and websites that were sharing mp3’s.  This hurt a huge portion of the blogging community.  Obviously I feel it is understandable that these companies would try to protect their intellectual property but it was a bummer none the less.  Gone were the days of being the first blog to have a leak copy of Kanye’s new album.  Having a leaked copy would almost guarantee you quite a few readers since you would be one of the first few people that would write about the album so Google would serve you up as a result relatively easily.  That is not the case anymore and things have gotten much more stiff when it comes to competition.  I know that I have a lot to learn with how much has changed but I know as time goes by I will find my own niche and will have a nice number of readers to interact with.


Does being part of club help or hinder you?

Back in the day I was a member a of the local bowling club and I was also a part of a weight loss club as well.  Both of these clubs were of great value in my life and helped me to grow immensely in both the area of fitness and bowling.  A bi-product of joining these clubs was the social aspect.  These clubs became a huge portion of where I made my closest friends.  Having something that everyone is a part of allows you to form deep bonds and relationships.  Several of these relationships have lasted my entire life.  Joining different clubs can help you to form opinions and learn who you are as a person and how you view the world.

When I got older and moved to a new state I did not have a single friend other than my wife.  I actually decided to join several clubs in the area as a way to start networking and making new friends.  The first club I joined was a health and fitness club that focused on cycling and I also joined another bowling club.

I have joined clubs in every state that I have lived in and truly believe it is the easiest way to find like minded individuals that you can click with and become great friends.  Joining a new club can be intimidating at first, walking into an unfamiliar place for the first time with several people that you do not know can be quite daunting but that uncomfortable feeling is well worth the return.  There are endless number of clubs that you can join and go much further than just sports type of organizations.  There are book clubs, music clubs, dancing clubs, food clubs and so many more.

A couple places to search for local clubs are Craigslist, VFW halls, local restaurants.  There are many benefits to participating, one of my favorite things is that there is usually good food at the meetings.  There are lots of clubs that have special celebrations for different holidays such as Halloween.  Joining a local club can actually be an economical option for your free time and the value you get for the small price is through the roof.

Another type of club is a networking club.  These networking get togethers can be great for a local business owner.  The first experience I had with one of these clubs I actually ended up meeting a local Michigan carpet cleaner that introduced me to many other company owners.  Without that experience I would not be where I am today because he put me in contact with what would eventually be my business partner. They allow like minded business owners to meet together and swap information and referrals.  This can be a great option to grow your business and make friends at the same time.

If you seem close to residence, the business you benefit typically offer a wide range of group tasks. Create that your company to determine just what is actually readily available right within your reaches. Unique rates are regularly made available to staff members.

Joining a club is pretty simple but listed below are the steps that you should take.

  • Choose what type of club you would like to join
  • Search for similar clubs in your area utilizing some of the options from above.
  • Call around or visit the website for the clubs you are interested in
  • Choose a date to join
  • Enjoy your newly enrolled self as a member of your new club!!!

As you can see if you made it this far, I truly believe that being a part of a club most definitely helps you rather than hindering you.

FOB rise and fall

Fall Out Boy


FOB (which I will use in place of Fall Out Boy) was originally a pretty small name band that had a cult like following back in the early 2000’s.  Over the last five to ten years they have become closer to a household name.  This article will talk about their rise in popularity and whether or not I still enjoy their music. 😉  I was a fan before they became a top forty band and actually have friends that have opened for them back in the day.

Early days-  FOB was formed in an affluent suburb of Chicago, IL.  The name of the suburb is Wilmette.  They formed in 2001.  The bad was comprised of Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe.  Although Patrick is the lead singer, Pete is the one is does most of the writing.  All four of them were close friends that all had a passion for music in common.

They got started just like hundreds of other bands by getting together for jam sessions in their parents garages and basements.  Once they had a short set list that they could play through they started to branch out to local venues.  They actually put on several shows at a local Knights of Columbus.  They have since returned to that very location for one of their music videos in honor of their roots in the area.

It did not take long before they had a devoted following comprised of kids and teens in there surrounding areas and neighborhoods.  Probably due to this passionate following, a small record label noticed them and unlike most bands FOB put out their very first album on a record label.  Normally a small band goes through much more trial and tribulation with their first few albums.  FOB was able to skip all that self recording and go straight to a small label which can be a blessing and a curse.  The album was relatively liked and only had a few songs on it.

FOB put out their first full length album in 2003 and it was received very well.  This album is what landed them a bigger record contract and two years later put out “From under the Cork Tree” which went double platinum.  Their next album in 2007 went to the top of the charts even quicker than the last.  They have been the inspiration for many bands since then.  After 2007 my opinion is that the band started concentrating too much on what the mainstream wanted from them and stopped making music for themselves and their fans.  I will not even go into the other albums because I feel like they are not even from the same band.  They are still very popular but more with mainstream pop stations and their songs are even used regularly on morning talk shows as intro and outro music.  More power to them ya know?  They found a niche and went for it.  They have had a lot of success but while that was taking place I either lost interest or they strayed too far from the original reasons that I enjoyed their music.

We pride ourselves on being a pretty eclectic blog.  We do not put any hard fast rules on our website that way we are open to post about whatever comes to mind.   Check back often.






Those Men on Tiny Motorcycles and the Funny Hats

Those Male on Tiny Motorcycles and also the Funny Hats

Russ Slaughter DSC_1711-3
Source: Flickr

On the youngsters’s anime, The Flintstones, Fred and also Barney come from a fraternal organization that takes up quite a bit from their time. That is named the Loyal Order from the Buffalo and their innovator is the Grand Poobah. This is actually an amusing endorsement to numerous essential companies that create a legitimate contribution to the neighborhood through their lots of philanthropic and also community service efforts. In just about every town as well as huge area in America there are a number of males’s fraternal organizations that congregate routinely, just like the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo grass performed on The Flintstones.

Then our team will not claim that a number of things the males who compile in these groups perform is actually not as enjoyable as well as lightweight hearted as that showed on The Flintstones. These organizations that include The Lions Group, The Rotary Group, The Scottish Ceremony, The Knights from Columbus, The Kiwanis and also the Shiners go back many generations in our culture and also provide useful networking possibilities for guys in every community they serve.

There is actually some privacy that happens with these fraternal organizations but that secrecy is actually certainly not insidious as some have recommended. The charters of these organizations are widely benevolent and dedicated to 3 crucial principles. Those are (1) alliance for men to network with each other as well as acquire to explain neighborhood issues (2) enjoyable that is healthy and balanced as well as provides a site where men can easily appreciate one another’s provider in an acceptable method and (3) social work.

That is that final primary worth that we in the area see the most often when these fraternal companies set in motion to tackle an essential need in the community. Considering that these organizations are actually frequently populated through magnate, theological local clergies and significant males of all line of business, when they put their minds to get one thing done for the neighborhood, they possess the leadership, the sources, the money, the talent and also the personal will to get points done. That remains in the region of social work that these fraternal companies are actually the best valuable to any area.

None are actually much more familiar as the Shiners. The Shiners from The United States and Canada are actually popular as a result of the famous Temple Festival that creates its own technique around the nation every year. Numerous youngsters can bear in mind visiting their 1st Shrine Festival march and also observing those males come asking for down the road on those small little bit of motorcycles or even in small little bit of cars all using that high red hat, called a “fez” which belongs to the uniform of a Shrine. This feeling from enjoyable and their need to bring happiness as well as giggling to households is among the explanations the Shiners are such a beloved company in our areas.

This festival is almost as famous as the Ringling Bro’s circus and it stores unique significance for a lot of family members. That is actually since this is just one loads of techniques the Shiners raise money for their most significant social work job from them all. Actually the social work the Shiners perform has been actually phoned the Globe’s Greatest Generosity. That is actually due to the fact that this fraternal organization has actually built and also remains to operate 22 healthcare facilities for little ones throughout the nation.

The stories of miracles that have actually saved the lives of little ones in Shiners Children’s hospitals are countless. These wonderful healthcare facilities supply & maintain little ones with harmful conditions to which they supply optimum treatment. Even more outstanding is actually that youngsters that obtain care at these healthcare facilities are certainly never needed to become linked with the Shrine company and many times the treatment they get is actually given to them absolutely free.

This is actually heartwarming to see the good the Shiners from North America carry out yearly as they hold processions, travels, dances, dinners, showing off celebrations and also fantastic circus to raise money for their hospitals for kids. That is fantastic exactly what a ton of guys on very small motorbikes and also putting on comical hats may do when they place their minds to it.